03       My child's school does not have a ROCAME program but my child want's to participate.  How can I sign them up to be              apart of a ROCAME program?

         Visit the LEA page and contact the LEA for your county.  They will be able to inform you regarding schools in            your county that has a program.   You should be able to discuss your child's participation and obtain the                  training schedule with the educating adviser for that school.

04       I would like to sponsor your organization.  What are the different sponsorship levels?

         Businesses, organizations or individuals interested in becoming a sponsor should send ROCAME an email with            "Sponsorship" in the memo line.  Within the email, please state your sponsorship interest.  We will reply with a          PDF Sponsorship Packet for your review.  Sponsorship request levels range from $200 to $7000 with different            levels of business/individual recognition possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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01       How can I volunteer with your organization?

            Most volunteers are acquired through association of board and corporate members.  If that is          not the case, email your volunteer interest to President Tony Carter.  Please be aware that              there is an interview process interested parties outside of association must go through.

02       I am an educator in one of your participating counties but my school does not participate in                     ROCAME.  How can I get a program started in my school?                     

         Programs are implemented by the support of the principals.  Contact them first for support         and approval and then contact the Local Educator Agent (LEA) for your county.  They will             supply you with an informational packet to get you started.

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